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Women, equality and COVID-19

It is not a new conversation: pay gaps along a gender division line in the workforce, or that women traditionally make more sacrifices to move up a career ladder. In fact, Statistics Canada data says that women only make 75 cents to every dollar that men make, and it usually takes 15.5 month…

Don’t let Shoah stories “sit on the shelf”

Jewish communities across Canada will come together on Thursday, April 8 at 7 p.m. EST to commemorate Yom HaShoah 2021, Holocaust Remembrance Day. The virtual ceremony honouring the victims of the Shoah will pay tribute to Canada’s diverse community of Holocaust survivors.

Locally, the Sh…

Russian-speaking Jews more engaged with community thanks to Genesis grant

Since the second week of January, Hillel Ottawa has been connecting with a unique group of individuals -- Russian-speaking Jewish students.

A grant from Genesis Philanthropy Group -- an international philanthropy organization that focuses on Jewish identity among Russian-speaking Jews world…

Ottawa Kosher Food Bank prepares for Passover

Photo: Ottawa Kosher Food Bank Manager Dahlia Milech says those who want to sponsor a family for Passover or to make a donation, can visit here.

By Angelica Haggert

Preparing for Passover involves several steps: cleaning the house, planning the Seder, shopping for the best kosher chocola…

Disability and inclusion conversations just the beginning

By Angelica Haggert

About 3,000 people in the Ottawa Jewish community alone have a disability — mental or physical. And sometimes, those people feel like they are not fully included in all that the community has to offer.

That is why, for February — also Jewish Disability Awareness and…