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Women's Collective celebrates 10th anniversary

The Women's Collective Philanthropy Program (WCPP), a program of the Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation, celebrates its 10-year anniversary with another round of funding — and a call for fresh ideas to join the committee — perfectly timed for International Women’s Day.

At its 10-year …

Campaign to rename a park in honour of Holocaust survivor David Shentow

A campaign, part of a city-wide effort to combat antisemitism and hate, has been launched to rename Tilbury Park, located in the Kitchissippi neighbourhood, after David Shentow, one of Ottawa’s most renowned and respected Holocaust survivors. Shentow, who died in 2017, was born in Poland a…

Israel Connect builds ‘living bridge’ between mentors, youth

For the last three years, the Jewish Federation of Ottawa, through the Partnership 2Gether program, has provided funding to Israel Connect’s efforts to arrange English-language mentorship for Israeli youth. The funding supports Israel Connect to recruit and train Ottawa volunteers who act …

Feedback from Holocaust exhibit reveals profound learning experience

“I didn’t know …”

“I didn’t realize ...”

“I was unaware …”

This was the overwhelming sentiment expressed by the more than 500 Ottawa students, from Grades 9-11 who had the opportunity to walk through a special photo gallery entitled Stars Without a Heaven: Children in …

Temple Israel Anti-Racism Task Force focuses on inclusion, diversity

In 2021, Temple Israel created an Anti-Racism Task Force to respond to the rise of racial injustice faced by Black communities, and to strengthen their ability as a congregation to provide safe and inclusive spaces for Jews of colour.

Concerned about all forms of racial injustice and focuse…