From the Editor: We are closer together in solidarity

Bulletin to temporarily suspend print edition

Unity government seems to be forming in Israel

By Michael Regenstreif, Editor

Paraphrasing the beginning of the Four Questions in the Haggadah, we all might be asking, “Ma nishtanah ha-Pesach ha-zeh, mi-kol ha-Pesachim – Why is this Passov…

Federation Report: Federation working to ensure community remains strong

By Michael Polowin, Chair, Jewish Federation of Ottawa

As we approach Pesach in the shadow of COVID-19, it is important to think about its impact, beyond the importance of physical health and mortality.

This column was written in mid-March, and fast-moving events between its writing and wh…

From the Pulpit: ‘The Jewish people and the world need our prayers’

By Rabbi Gavriel Rudin, Young Israel of Ottawa

In these very difficult times we find ourselves in, I struggle to find the proper words to write. Mass illness, confusion, and uncertainty have become our new norm. Jewish organizations, schools, and shuls are dark and empty. In the past, when …

Ideas and Impressions: ‘We are all at home wondering what’s next’

By Jason Moscovitz

Where to begin? I remember Pierre Trudeau once asking in a difficult constitutional time, “Is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?” Maybe the end of the beginning fits where we are with COVID-19. Maybe.

From the moment Prime Minister Justin Trud…

Guest Column: Four questions for Pesach 2020

By Jay Solomon, CIJA

For centuries, Jews everywhere have gathered with family and friends around the seder table to recount the story of the Exodus from Egypt, a narrative that has captured our attention for generations. It is an annual reminder that, even amid uncertainty, we can draw upon…