Submissions from members of our community. (Archived columns from Bulletin columnists).

Ideas and Impressions: Was George Floyd's murder a tipping point?

By Jason Moscovitz

I keep hearing people on television say the murder of George Floyd is a tipping point in American history – but I hear it mostly from white people. People of colour are never so certain. History tells – if not warns – them not to be.

While racism exists in Canada, …

From the Pulpit: George Floyd and The Noahide Laws

By Rabbi Menachem M. Blum, Ottawa Torah Centre Chabad

I write these lines as violent protests rage across the United States as a reaction to George Floyd’s death. What should our reaction be? How should we look at this particular situation? As Jews, we were always taught to turn to the To…

A View from the Bleachers: Looking through eyes of historical experience

'Our history as North Americans, and as Jews, urges us to look at recent events with the eyes of our historical experience of racism, both personal and communal.'

By Rabbi Steven Garten

While many of us have been fixed on the news emanating from the United States, it would have been easy t…

From the Editor: We cannot and must not be silent or indifferent

By Michael Regenstreif, Editor

Nothing was published yesterday – June 2, 2020 – on the Ottawa Jewish Bulletin website and the only thing posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts was an empty black box with the hashtag #BlackOutTuesday.

The Bulletin – along with the Jewish Federati…

Ideas and Impressions: ‘Whatever was, isn’t anymore’

By Jason Moscovitz

It is hard to imagine we are where we are, and it is hard to think of how and when we can get our lives back to anywhere near where they were before. It is as if everything has been put on hold waiting for better days to come. Patience is the operative world. The last 10 …