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All the Jewish moments in ‘Borat 2’

An antisemitic cake, a Holocaust survivor and a whole lot of Hebrew.

By Gabe Friedman

Spoiler alert: This article contains information about scenes and plot points in “Borat 2.”

(JTA) – Sacha Baron Cohen’s new “Borat” sequel features plenty of crude gags and surprise appearanc…

Book Review – Perfume: Poems and Word Sonnets by Seymour Mayne

Perfume: Poems and Word Sonnets

By Seymour Mayne

Ronald P. Frye & Co.

74 pages

Reviewed by B. Glen Rotchin

This collection features some of prolific Ottawa poet Seymour Mayne’s best poems in years. After more than six decades of writing, and with more than 70 publications to his cre…

Temple Israel's Books and Bagels moves online this fall

By Anne Alper for Temple Israel

Temple Israel’s popular Books and Bagels program will resume this fall with three interesting online presentations. Sessions will take place on Sunday mornings at 10 am. No registration or RSVP is necessary – just join via the Zoom link at https://temple…

Short Story: Do You Know My Brother Meyer? By John Ginsburg

Editor’s note: “Do You Know My Brother Meyer?” by Winnipeg-based author John Ginsburg is a short story centring on a Jewish family in Ottawa in 1927.

Do You Know My Brother Meyer?

By John Ginsburg

Ottawa, November 20, 1927

In 1927, Ottawa was a burgeoning city, with a population ex…

‘Tehran’: Groundbreaking Israeli spy show about immigrant identity

By Lior Zaltzman

(JTA) – It all started in 2014, with an email that arrived in Dana Eden’s inbox with the subject line: “Tehran.”

“I said to myself, ‘Oh my God, that’s an amazing title,’“ said Eden. “That’s a show I would really want to see, I hope that what’s writt…